Bistrò Toscano

Sea vines and pine trees

Tenuta Le Colonne Bistrò Toscano wants to be a place where one has the chance to appreciate this extraordinary territory, the vigorous character of its wines and the unique flavours preserved by the work of artisans. A place where time slows down, the air smells of saltiness and Mediterranean scrub, lulled by the chirping of cicadas.
A place where one simply feels good and builds happy memories.
Each raw material is the result of a careful selection, involving some of the best local producers in our project. Each dish enhances the company’s excellence such as wines and extra virgin olive oils, the seasonality of the products, knowledge and flavours of the territory.
A place where one simply feels good and builds happy memories


    Bistrò Toscano
    in the cellar, a stone’s throw from the sea

    From lunch at sunset, for a glass of wine accompanied by a platter of cold meats and cheeses, a tasty cold dish made with local products, some tapas.
    We are in our wine cellar, where you can also see part of the barrels in which the wine rests, or take a tour of our vineyards that almost touch the sea.
    You can then combine a visit with a quick lunch or take advantage of a sunset aperitif to also buy some excellent wine, directly from the producer.

    Open Tuesday to Saturday

    Info and reservations: [email protected] | 0565 775246

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